Citizen Pops are simply the highest quality fresh fruit pops one could produce.

Our Pops are locally made by hand in micro batches - typically made just days before you enjoy them at events throughout the Triangle. Citizen Pops are made from fresh fruit (crazy, we know). We never use processed juices, colors, flavors or preservatives - instead combining on average four fresh ingredients per pop.

Why Choose Us?


We are a local business made up of a (very) small number of individuals and each pop is made entirely by hand. Our process of making the pops doesn’t occur in a factory and we don’t have distribution channels, we’re making them with handmade equipment imported from Mexico – the old school way.


We source the fruit ourselves from local markets and farmers. Since our fruit pops are 100% fresh fruit, they are all-natural and free from processed juices or concentrates. This means we get the benefit of retaining the natural fibers and pulp from the plant and minimize sugar content found in juices.


The company is designed to be a positive influence in our community and will do so by supporting higher than average wages for employees and fair payment terms for sourced goods. We regularly contribute to schools and non-profit organizations through event donations.

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