We get asked frequently how or why we decided to make fruit pops, which are based on Latin American and Mexican paletas. We cannot claim to have invented such a wonderful and delicious treat, we can only claim to make the highest quality pops using only simple, fresh ingredients.

So why did we start making pops? We don’t have a very good or clear answer. We weren’t traveling around the world or laid-off from a corporate job or inspired by an ancient pop-wielding Deity who gave us divine insight into the pop-making future. We just tried to make pops one day and realized they turned out better than we expected. We decided to make a high-quality and healthy product that met many people’s nutritional needs. We could create a local business that supports the community. We could affect positive change and potentially in our small way, help others.

Where The Magic Happens (Food Stuff)
We are a local business made up of a (very) small number of individuals and each pop is made entirely by hand. Our process of making the pops doesn’t occur in a factory and we don’t have distribution channels, we’re making them with handmade equipment imported from Mexico – the old school way. We make our pops every few days usually to be sold that weekend – meaning the pop you’re eating was likely a piece a fresh fruit just days or sometimes hours ago.

We source the fruit ourselves from local markets and farmers. Since our fruit pops are 100% fresh fruit, they are all-natural and free from processed juices or concentrates. This means we get the benefit of retaining the natural fibers and pulp from the plant and minimize sugar content found in juices. Our pops are all made without added colors, flavors, syrups or even preservatives – they are truly as simple and fresh as possible. In fact each of our pops will have on average four ingredients, making them free of the common allergens: gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, peanut and treenut free.

Okay I Am Hungry (Where To Find Us)
We remain committed to Farmers markets, outdoor events and festivals in the Triangle mainly during the spring, summer and early fall. Here we can engage our customers and answer questions they might have. We do not plan to sell in retail stores for this reason. We will also not ship any pops for the same reason.

You can however find us for nearly seven months of the year all over the Triangle. A few examples are at Raleigh and Durham Food Truck Rodeos, the Raleigh Flea Market, and various Farmers markets. Check out Our Social Media to see where we’re heading.

Why So Serious? (Our Mission)
We remain committed to our cause – and not in a warm, fuzzy feeling way. In a real and tangible way that dictates how we operate as a business and social enterprise.

Local, forever. Our goal is to stay small and local. We want to employ local people, source locally when possible and participate in local events. We want to be a well-known local brand. To this end, we will never sell, transport, or ship a pop more than 100 miles from where it was produced. We’ve taken on the Farmers market mentality in this sense. Typically Farmers markets require vendors and producers who sell to have created or grown their goods, and to be within a 100 mile radius from the market. We will follow the same approach to ensure our pops never travel far.

Put your money where your mouth is. Okay, no problem. The owner and only shareholder of this company will never take a salary or payment from the company that exceeds $1.00 USD per year – which has been consistently applied since our founding. The company is designed to be a positive influence in our community and will do so by supporting higher than average wages for employees and fair payment terms for sourced goods. We regularly contribute to schools and non-profit organizations through event donations. We plan to ramp this part of our business up and increase community efforts in order to maximize positive impacts.

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